Joanna Azulay, PhD - Executive Director, HSCS

Dr. Joanne P. Azulay is a fellowship trained Neuropsychologist. Dr. Azulay obtained her PhD in clinical and Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Neuropsychology at Seton Hall University. She completed her American Psychological Association approved internship/residency at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in both Neuropsychology and Psychology.

Dr. Azulay completed her APPCN postdoctoral fellowship in adult Neuropsychology at JFK Medical Center in Edison, New Jersey. Since then she has been a practicing Neuropsychologist for the past 20 years. Dr. Azulay’s areas of expertise are in clinical Neuropsychology, Cognitive Rehabilitation, Psychological Health, and Cognitive Restorative Mindfulness: A program she has pioneered at JFK’s Center for Brain Injuries for the last decade for restorative cognitive functioning called the MAP (Mindfulness Attention Program) with great success.

She currently serves as the Executive Director of Hyde Street Community Services in San Francisco.
Previously, she served as the Director of Neuropsychology Program Development for the United States Air Force at Travis AFB in California. Dr. Azulay continues to serve as an Advisory Council Member to Governor of New Mexico. She is an Associate Professor of Neuroscience and Rehabilitation Medicine at Seton Hall University

Dr. Azulay is an avid researcher. She has been a research collaborator for several (NIDDR) National Institutes on Rehabilitation Research grants and has authored and co-authored numerous scientific papers including the Evidenced Based reviews of Cognitive Rehabilitation from 2003-2008. Her research and publications cover topics ranging from meditation and brain injury, quality of life, evidenced based/holistic treatments and traumatic brain injury, stroke and neuropsychology. Her current research studies pertain to mental health and brain injury overlap as well as meditation treatment with acquired and traumatic brain injury to address attention, memory and emotional regulation. She has lectured both nationally and internationally on the subjects of brain injury and cognitive interventions.

Dr. Azulay’s scope of practice covers a broad spectrum of adult neurological disorders, including concussion, stroke, traumatic brain injury, brain tumors, as well as psychiatric conditions and learning disorders.

Her therapeutic services implement cognitive behavioral therapies and mindfulness-based techniques for the treatment of depression, anxiety, adjustment issues, and sports performance-related psychological issues. In addition, Dr. Azulay has extensive training in the cognitive rehabilitation of neurological disorders to support a patient’s return to optimal functioning.